Since 19.Sep.2002

In Europe, there are many countries which have various cultures.
I'm exhibiting the photographs of the attractive scenery of the cities and the nature in such as Spain, France, Greece, Belgium, Czech Republic, Italy etc.
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Go to Spain 

This is the country which I live now. The name of the city is Barcelona.

I like Andalucía, but there are varied scenery and culture in each area, so I'm exciting to take the photographs.

I have been Pais Vasco, Cantabria, Asturias in this summer holiday.

Go to Prague

Praha is most favourite city in Europe.
I visited some times and took many photographs. The vestige of middle centuries remains in this town. 
Especially, the night view is wonderful.

Go to map of Greece 

I visited Greece two times.
My recommendation is the islands.
You can see the nice contrast with the tiny white houses, the blue sky, and the blue sea.

Also the cats will welcome you.

Go to Belgium

Brugge is a very nice town.
It's called a small Venice.
This town is surrounded in the canal.

Go to France

I visited Carcassonne, which remains completely the medieval rampart, and the quiet village, Conques,  which is located in the mountain.

Go to Italy
This county has also many attractive cities and area same as Spain.



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