Since I travelled around one month in Europe in 1988 during my postgraduate course, I was so attracted in Europe. After the fiest visit, I travelled 5 times to Europe until I transferred to Germany.
     At first, I didn't have interest regarding camera. But when I saw the photos of my friend with one eye reflex camera, I was shocked by the quality. Then I bought second hand Canon EOS Kiss with 28-80mmF3.5-5.6 and 75-300mmF4-5.6.
     Soon later, I took this camera to the travel for Italy. The results were not so good, but I have gone into the interest.
     Even if I was beginner, I used the positive films to study photography. So I made many mistake.
     Originally, I like the painting. I tried to continue to draw the painting as an taste, but I didn't have the basic skill, so I thought that maybe I can do well with photography.
     After many photographs, I wanted to have better camera, but I thought that my character wouldn't  be satisfied with middle class camera. Recklessly, I bought the professional camera, EOS-1N.
     Later, I also bought L lens of Canon. The number of times for taking photographs has been increased to improve my skill.
     Now I'm living in Barcelona after the life in Germany for three years.
     It was my dream to live in Spain. I go out frequently to have nice results.
     I used monochrome films, when I went out to old town of Barcelona with my Spanish teacher. I understood the attraction of monochrome. I'm considering to buy the enlarger.
     Also I found the interest of MF camera and also to study the photograph with basic camera. so I bought Nikon F3.
     It is a little bit different compare with EOS. Now this camera is also my favourite.

     My favourite sentence is "When people stats photography, they have been changed from onlooker to observer."
     I also have been changed to pay attention of the changing seasons, the difference of lights etc.

EOS Kiss
EF16-35mmF2.8L USM, EF28-70mmF2.8L USM, EF70-200mmF2.8L IS USM, EF180mmF3.5L Macro USM, EF300mmF4L IS USM, EF100mmF2.8 Macro USM, EF50mmF1.4 USM etc.
Nikon F3HP
Ai24mmF2S, Ai28mmF2.8S, Ai50mmF1.2S, Ai85mmF1.4S, Ai135mmF2S,
Ai ED180mmF2.8S etc.
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